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  • DiscoverWater.co.uk is a 'dashboard' bringing together for the first time key information about water companies in England and Wales in one place for customers. The dashboard aims to be a clear and simple source for trustworthy and factual information.

    The information provided has been agreed by water companies, the water regulators, the UK and Welsh Governments and the Consumer Council for Water, which is the water watchdog.

    The dashboard will be kept up to date, so you'll always find the latest information here.

  • The data and information is either from water companies or from the organisations which have brought you DiscoverWater.co.uk. All the information has been checked and assured for accuracy.

  • Discover Water was updated with 2022-23 performance information and 2024-25 average bills early in 2024.

  • Discover Water will be updated with 2023-24 performance information later in 2024.

  • DiscoverWater.co.uk is designed to run on all common mobile and desktop devices so it can accessed in the home, in the office or on the move. The internet browser software that is installed on peoples’ devices varies considerably. DiscoverWater.co.uk supports as many as possible whilst also looking to make best use of the features of the latest software. If you notice problems with how the site is working, please check you have an up-to-date version of your browser software installed.

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