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About your drinking water

Water Quality

Results of testing drinking water against national standards for quality


  • 5.09 England & Wales
What's in your tap water?

Protecting the Environment

Environmental Performance

Protecting rivers and the environment.

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Water to your tap

From source to tap

Wonder where it comes from?

Water leaks

Find out the amount of drinking water lost before it arrives at the tap

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Customer Satisfaction

What customers think of companies' service

Hear what customers think of companies' service


% of customers satisfied

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After you flush

Discover what we do with all the sewage

From sink to sea

Wonder where it goes?

Discover what really happens

Looking at the money

Price Comparison

The price of two litres of water

  • 13p
    From the tap
  • 45p
    Supermarket brand
  • 90p
    Premium Brand

How does your bill compare to the average?

What happens to your money?

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Resilience - what is it and why does it matter?

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