Helping people pay

Percentage of customers who say they are struggling to pay their water bills


CCW Water Matters Annual Tracking Survey

Source: CCW; England and Wales, Apr 2022 - Mar 2023

Customers getting help to pay their water bills through tariffs and other schemes

Customers on special (social) tariffs so they can pay a reduced amount for what they use
Customers on schemes like WaterSure that are designed to help customers who need large amounts of water for medical reasons
Customers on WaterDirect - a scheme designed to help customers on certain benefits who have water debts

Source: CCW; England and Wales, Apr 2022 - Mar 2023

  • Almost all water companies have social tariffs. These have the potential to significantly reduce water bills for almost half a million customers who are struggling to pay or have specific water needs. Water companies also offer a wider range of support including the nationally mandated WaterSure scheme, debt advice, payment plans and water efficiency advice.

    More information about the help available from each water company is available on the website of CC Water, the water watchdog.

    CCWater has also teamed up with Turn2Us - a charity that helps people who are in financial hardship, to launch a Benefits Calculator and Grants Search tool on its website. This can help customers work out if they are entitled to additional financial support.

Need help paying your water bill?

Please contact your local water company. Don’t know who your supplier is? Find out here

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