Investing in the future of water services

Water and sewerage companies invest in services based on customers' priorities now and also into the future. They aim to provide a safe and secure supply of water and away used water and treat it so that it can be returned to rivers and the sea, at a price customers can afford.

£44bn Investment by water companies in 2015-2020
per property over 5 years

Source: Water UK; England and Wales

  • By 2020 customers will benefit from substantial improvements in areas of service that really matter to them, including:

    • more than 370 million litres a day saved by tackling leakage and promoting water efficiency – enough water saved to serve all of the homes in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds
    • a reduction in the time lost to supply interruptions (down on average 32%)
    • 4,700 fewer properties flooded by sewer water
    • cleaner water at more than 50 beaches.

    Also, the number of people getting help to pay their bill from their water company is due to more than double to around 1.8 million by 2020.

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